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The FPpda pda simulator

ABGpro is a Free Medical Palm Os program that does the math so you don't have to

(especially nice at 2am when math is not my strong suit).

Download ABGPro for free from StacWorks

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Antibiotic guide

The FPpda pda simulator
Hopkins Abx Guide

The John Hopkins Antibiotic Guide is an outstanding ID reference

Download the Palm Os ABX-Guide free from Hopkins.

Cardiac Clearance

Need to clear someone for surgery? Then get STAT Cardiac Clearance.

Download Cardiac Clearance for Palm Os for free.

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Cardiac Risk Calculator

STAT Cardiac Risk calculates CAD risk based on the Frammingham study.

Download Cardiac Risk freeware for Palm Os

Cholesterol Guidelines

Gives current cholesterol guidelines.

Download Cholesterol Guidlines free from StatCoder for Palm Os

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